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AD Marketing lists provide only accurate, reliable business database solutions
° Three decades’ experience working in data and marketing
° We regularly assess and update our business data lists
° Unbiased evaluation of b2b database quality
° Strong focus on the accuracy and relevance of data
° Customised email marketing database
° Lowest cost provider (no large minimum order or subscription)
AD data lists make B2B data marketing lead generation simple
° We discuss your business needs and preferences
° Bespoke b2b data marketing lists of contacts
° Named emails direct to the inbox
° Bespoke sector selections with specific job titles
°Accuracy guarantees with free updates on a 12-month license

A Trusted Database Solutions Company in the UK

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About Us

Unlike many other B2B data companies, we take a personal approach to working with our clients. While we may be dealing with big data and big numbers, we’re also fully aware of the human side of business marketing and we always aim to build strong, lasting partnerships with the people we work for.

We value integrity in everything we do and hold ourselves to the highest standards, always striving to not only meet but exceed expectations. We are constantly updating and improving our b2b business database to see we provide the most accurate and current information, which means buying b2b company data UK from us gives you the leading edge over your competitors.

Thanks to our long history of excellent customer service, we have established ourselves as one of the UK’s prime B2B data companies. For more information on the services we provide or to start your marketing journey with us, you just read our blogs and simply get in touch with our expert team today.

Buy Marketing Data Online, UK

With more than three decades of experience providing high-quality customer data, AD Marketing has fast become one of the most trusted and highly regarded B2B companies in the industry. From reliable b2b email marketing databases to in-depth business data lists, and mailing services to graphic design , we can equip you with all the tools required to help your business grow.

The Premier B2B Data Company

There are all sorts of reasons people choose to buy a B2B marketing email list and use it as part of their overall b2b data marketing strategy. Some businesses want to ‘get to know’ other companies in more depth, while others want to take a broader view of their industry and their place within it.

It could be that you’re organising an event and want more potential attendees to be aware, or – perhaps the biggest and most important reason of all – you simply want to reach more customers and win more business through a standout email campaign.

Whatever your reasons for deciding to buy a b2b business list in the UK, AD Marketing can equip you with all the data you need.

Why Use a Marketing Data List?

Over the course of more than thirty years, we have built up one of the biggest UK business email databases to be found anywhere. Broken down by job titles, we have around 3 million businesses and 600,000 direct and indirect email addresses on our records, providing you with instant access to the contacts you need to expand your customer base and scale up your company.

Our data email lists include all sorts of valuable information, including names of individuals, job titles, email addresses, telephone numbers, websites, employee numbers, turnovers and more. As a leading business data provider in the UK, we believe that the more you know about your target market, the easier it is to reach them and make those meaningful connections.

With our help and access to our GDPR compliant database of businesses, you can hone in on the people who matter and see that they’re made aware of your brand. So, whenever you want to buy a UK company list database, or business list for marketing, please get in touch with us.

UK & International Business Data

Containing the most up-to-date information for millions of companies in the UK and internationally. We believe ourselves to be the best business data provider, our extensive company list database makes us stand out from the crowd.

Phone & Email Lists For Business

With millions of confirmed phone numbers and email addresses on our books, we are one of the best B2B data providers in the UK From targeted emails to more broad-brush marketing campaigns, we can help you reach as many people as possible, within time and within budget.

The success of an email or telemarketing campaign depends almost entirely on the accuracy and quality of the b2b database it’s built on. Our track record in this field proves you can trust us over all other marketing companies. Working in partnership with you, we can devise a campaign which makes the best use of the b2b business list we provide and will help your customer base grow.

Benefits Of Business Data Marketing

After a while, some companies find they have hit a wall when it comes to lead generation. That’s where AD Marketing comes in. The pros of using a b2b data marketing list are endless, but the primary benefit has to be the access it provides to potential new customers.

Buying a b2b database in UK marketing cannot always be relied on, unless you choose a well-respected industry expert like AD Marketing. We specialise in offering business database information and solutions in the UK. We open the doors to an entirely new way of doing business, with one of the best b2b email marketing databases in the country and a dedicated team on hand to help with your campaign.

Whether you need an educational database, mailing services, public sector database, graphic design, or b2b company database, we are here to help. With our assistance, you can better understand your industry, take a more personal approach with your customers and make it simpler for them to buy from you. Through building brand awareness and making those deep connections with people, your business can take the lead over your competitors. For more details, please read our blogs.

Data You Can Trust

We fully appreciate the sensitivities surrounding personal and business data, which is why we keep abreast of the latest legal developments and ensure our b2b contact database UK is fully compliant with all regulations. We can help you understand GDPR/PECKR requirements when it comes to buying database for email marketing, with experts on hand to guide you through the legal complexities.

The b2b business company list we hold contains records for more than 3 million companies across a range of sectors, broken down into easily searchable categories to make your life easier. This means you can access the business database information you need when you need it, targeting the sectors and industries which are relevant to you in order to reach those most likely to engage.

By offering a tailored, highly personalised database marketing service, our experienced team makes your business their business. Working closely together, we can see your email marketing lists are as up-to-date and refined as possible, giving you the power to connect with potential customers. To get the best email database for improving your business growth, contact us now!

Customer Support

With over three decades experience in this field, you can rely on our customer support team for advice and guidance whenever you need it. We can help you organise your own b2b data marketing campaigns, or take away the burden by arranging everything in-house. Our administrative services include direct marketing, broadcasting, planning and printing materials and sales, among many other things.

As a database solutions company, the guidance we provide is unbiased and we keep your costs low by minimising waste and not targeting individuals and companies outside your market. This means the data we supply you with is tailored to your needs, to ensure you get the most from your marketing campaign. We pride ourselves in offering accuracy guarantees, telephone numbers cleansed on the do not call registers, 12-month licenses and free updates on our UK datasets. Keeping you in line with GDPR regulations.


We have partnered with some of the best, highly experienced and reliable telemarketing lead generation companies in UK data industries, they take a personal approach to each call they make, doing away with scripts so they can have real conversations with real people.

Telemarketing is an incredibly powerful marketing tool, and we make sure you get in touch with the right people. Often a more direct and effective form of contact than email, adding telemarketing services to your package can make a huge difference to the success of your marketing campaign.